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Amazonas Group understands that taking care of our planet and assuring a better environment for future generations, is part of their daily duties.


For 72 years, they have developed projects to promote awareness and knowledge within their factory employees, so that they can create practical and efficient future of living in a sustainable world.


Since rubber is 100% recyclable, Amazonas does not want to allow nature to decompose it for thousands of years. Noble raw materials and utilized in many segments of their business, the rubber leftovers of their productions line is separated, treated and thru clean technology, is recyclable into the soles used in our Eco line.  

There are always new colors, textures, and experiences that can - and should - be explored. For such is our wholehearted belief. Beauty, comfort, and sustainability are integral parts of our world today and this fact is powerfully reflected in the things we create. 

We are passionate about nature and the world’s grandeur. In different visions, versions, and cultures. We are all about the yearning for freedom, from tip to toe. Which is why we take refreshing ideas to the planet’s five continents. In people and exchanges of experiences, we discern a point where our ideas coincide with our consumers’ needs. Our designs emerge from that blending. No straps. Change is welcome, a sign of evolution


Thanks for being Green! Let's be Amazonas Sandals.

601 Brickell Key Drive  Suite 700

Miami, FL - 33131

Phone: +1 (786) 257 2745


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